Now, we’ve all seen it quite often where a Catholic college invites some pro-abortion politican or notable celebrity that has said terrible anti-Catholic things. When pressed, the administration usually says something about “academic freedom.” Now, academic freedom should not outweigh a Catholic institution’s fidelity to the faith and all this talk of “academic freedom” says what they CAN get away with, not what they should do.

But this particular case is interesting in that Loyola University Chicago, took it one step further by defending its decision to host transgender advocate and “Orange is the New Black” star Laverne Cox by calling the invite “integral” to their “Jesuit, Catholic identity.”

You’ve got to admit it takes some stones to say something like that. But not as much stones as it would take to actually be a faithful Catholic college. Now that takes guts. Look at the advantages one gets from accepting everything modern culture throws at you from the media, liberal politicians, and pro-gay or pro-abortion organizations. But if you cross them, you’ve got a big problem. If you raise the ire of the left, you’ve got a major problem.

After being questioned by The Federalist, Loyola said:

At Loyola, we welcome and foster an open exchange of ideas and encourage debate and sharing differing views and opinions to advance education as we believe such discussion is integral to higher education and our Jesuit, Catholic identity. We believe that discussion around difficult and complex issues results in deeper critical thinking skills and well-rounded citizens. Exploring complex issues with many different perspectives is a mark of strength and vitality and we do not shy away from discussing controversial topics.

The Federalist logically asks, “why is a Catholic school hosting a transgender advocate on its campus to promote the trans platform?”

I can answer that. Because they can. Because it’s easy. Because they’re cowards.