What we have witnessed so far is the just the start of the was against the Church in this country. They will not stop until they can throw us in jail simply for being Catholic.

ACLU Sues Feds To Make Catholic Groups Provide Abortions To Illegal Aliens

Providing food and shelter to illegal immigrants isn’t enough for federally-funded Catholic organizations, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, which is suing the federal government to help ensure the religious organizations provide abortion and contraception to them as well.

The suit aims to obtain government records related to reproductive healthcare policy for unaccompanied immigrant children in the care of federally funded Catholic agencies, which do not believe in abortion.

“We have heard reports that Catholic bishops are prohibiting Catholic charities from allowing teens in their care to access critical services like contraception and abortion- even if the teenager has been raped on her journey to the United States or in a detention facility,” said ACLU staff attorney Brigitte Amiri.

They will not stop until we capitulate or they throw us in jail.

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