This time in Scotland. (Taig is derogatory slang for Catholics)

Daily Record:

VANDALS have desecrated a Roman Catholic church by daubing sectarian slogans and symbols of Loyalist paramilitaries on its walls.

Anti-catholic messages including the words “**** all Taigs” and references to banned militant groups from the Troubles in Northern Ireland were sprayed on St Andrews Church in Livingston.

Police Scotland said the attack took place over the weekend.

A spokesman said: “Police in West Lothian are investigating following sectarian vandalism to a church in Livingston.

This is happening everywhere now. In America, Europe, and it’s, of course, much much worse in other parts of the world. But hey, we’re catching up.

As the Catholic Church is driven from the public sphere, it will increasingly be seen as an outlier, something far from the mainstream. And it will therefore be attack-able. Expect only increases of vandalization and violence in the near future.