Dearest friends,

I love me some Jimmy Akin and you can send me all the Jimmy Akin links you want, but those facts is some stubborn things.

Here is the bottom line, for those with their heads up a Timothy Radcliffe:

Did the Pope say that there is “someone who ‘knows’ that, despite our differences, we are one”

Is that someone the Devil?

Did the Pope express agreement with that statement by use of the word “knows” instead of views or thinks or some such other word.
Yes. To any reasonable person, it would seem so.

Even if the statement of “we are one” is Jesuitically vague, is that statement very problematic.

Did the Pope know that this statement is problematic from a Catholic view, possibly even heretical?
Yes, he said so, before he said it.

These are facts, not opinion. This is what happened. Get over it.