This is a post that should have two titles because there’s two pretty crazy things going on here.

1) Good news. Obama loves nuns. Generally.

The Washington Post reports:

Facing a Supreme Court decision that could dismantle a substantive chunk of his landmark health care law, whom did President Obama choose to appear with Tuesday to talk about the law? A nun.

Obama’s decision to give one of his biggest recent speeches about the Affordable Care Act at the Catholic Health Association, led by chief executive Sister Carol Keehan, is of course a way of showcasing prominent religious support for a law that has many faith-based critics. Keehan heads the nation’s largest group of nonprofit health care providers.

On Tuesday, Obama said the ACA would not have happened “had it not been” for Keehan. “And it’s true, I just love nuns, generally,” he said, “I’m just saying.”

One might assume that the nuns falling outside the “generally” are the nuns who are suing the president about the Affordable Care Act.

2) Sister Simone Campbell sees the Holy Spirit at work here:

Campbell saw Obama’s appearance at the CHA as “a thank you” to Keehan. The event, she said, was planned before the issue was scheduled to come before the Supreme Court. King v. Burwell was argued in March.

“It’s the holy spirit,” Campbell said Tuesday.

Sheesh. The Holy Spirit is helping Obama coordinate Obama’s schedule now to celebrate the Affordable Care Act?