I have received quite a bit of, ahem, feedback on the Ann Barnhardt interview.

Undoubtedly, Ann has her own style, a kick down your door, “What the F— is going on in here?!?” style and that is part of why I wanted to interview her.

I know that many readers here are not used to that and some may find it unhelpful or worse. I understand that. But I think that Ann makes some very excellent points and I tried to warn everyone what to expect in terms of style. Do I necessarily agree with everything? Of course not. I am not interviewing myself.

But I think another point needs to be made. When it comes to the Militant Homosexual Agenda, I am absolutely convinced that our generally adopted approach of pleasantry towards its advocates is a large part of why were are in our current situation. We must fight those promoting the normalization and legalization of this soul and body destroying sin with everything we have and must call this abomination what it is. We need to be much more aggressive and much more intolerant of such public advocacy. Moreover, anyone with a brain knows that homosexuality is a cancer on the Church and we must point it out, accost it, and metaphorically tar and feather it whenever sympathy or advocacy for it within the Church rears its ugly head. That does not oppose our obligation to love the sinner in any way, it is truly a prerequisite to it.

I originally invited Ann for an interview to discuss America and economics, but I asked these other Church questions so I published the answers. Readers know that my approach is different from Ann’s, but I think she has a voice worth hearing. That is why I asked for the interview and why I am publishing it.

When the interview is over, CMR will be as it has always been. Hope to see you there.

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