By Brian Kopp

Please take a look at the trajectory of this most recent story On the Pope and the Marxist crucifix.

Day 1: Catholic apologists for this pope here and in the mainstream Catholic press and some MSM erroneously claim that the pope is offended by the blasphemous Marxist crucifix, recoils in shock and exclaims, “No. That’s not right.” They further claim the pope rejected this crucifix and returned it to Bolivia. Anyone who reads the story in another light is pilloried and shamed here and elsewhere.

Day 2: Vatican press office claims the pope did not say “No. That’s not right,” but “I didn’t know that”. Many continue to believe the original erroneous narrative.

Day 3(?): The pope lays the necklace and pendant with the blasphemous crucifix at the feet of a Bolivian Shrine of Our Lady. Papal apologists claim its a sign of his displeasure and that he gave the larger crucifix back to Bolivia to lodge his displeasure.

And Today:
Pope says he wasn’t offended by ‘Communist crucifix’
“During a news conference en route home to Rome on Sunday, Francis said he interpreted Morales’ gift through the prism of Espinal’s Marxist bent and viewed it as protest art.

“After taking into consideration the time in which he lived, Francis said: “I understand this work. For me it wasn’t an offense.”

“Francis added that he brought the crucifix home with him.” [Source]

So my question: where are the retractions of the original false narrative and corrections by those who floated that false narrative?
Where are the apologies for leading the Faithful astray in this regard?

Where are the apologies from those who attacked us when we were correct all along in our gut instincts and intuitions about this episode?

And where is our leadership on this?

You folks are getting intuitions and you have a strong gut instinct but you are suppressing them because of peer pressure and to try to keep the peace and so as to not appear “radical” or as a “pope basher” in the eyes of your fellow Catholics.

But we laity need to defend the Faith too. Even when it seems confusing we have to stick to the basics and if a Churchman speaks half truths and even lies we have to call them on it. Even if its a pope.

Wake up. Man up.

Brian J. Kopp, DPM is a Podiatrist in private practice in Johnstown PA and serves as Chairman of the Pro-Life Healthcare Alliance, a program of Human Life Alliance, of which he is also a board member. Dr. Kopp serves as Faith Community Liaison for Catholic Hospice of Greensburg, PA. He has written articles on a range of subjects, primarily the culture of life, medicine and ethics, that have been published in periodicals including the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, New Oxford Review, The Wanderer National Catholic Weekly, and websites including World Net Daily. He is a Board Member of The Polycarp Research Institute. Dr. Kopp has been a guest on several episodes of EWTN Catholic Radio’s The Good Fight program, as well as Radio Maria’s Armed for Battle program, addressing issues including end of life care and euthanasia, the Affordable Care Act and the HHS mandate.

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