With Hillary Clinton performing so poorly in the polls and the amount of scandals dogging her, how long until Elizabeth Warren announces she’s running for president.

Look, self-professed socialist Bernie Sanders is beating her in New Hampshire. And that’s not love for Bernie. That’s not people thinking he can win. That’s Democrats saying “Anyone but Hillary.” Elizabeth Warren will announce soon.

As far as viewpoints politically, all of them are in agreement on any issue I care about. They’re all pro-abortion nanny state nutjobs. So the only reason I care is that Hillary has a massive fundraising apparatus that still scares me. Elizabeth Warren, I’m not so sure.

Now, crazy Joe Biden could also throw his hat into the ring. That’ll make for a fun election season, huh?

These folks are egomaniacs. There’s no way they stay on the sidelines. When Hillary looked like a lock they were willing to sit. But not now. Expect some noise from Warren soon.