This is the kind of statement that just boggles my mind. And frightens me to no end.

Newsday quotes a physician on abortion:

A friend, a woman who is a physician in an inner-city hospital, recently shared her point of view on abortion, and helped clarify my own: “I look at some of my patients who are pregnant and poor or quite young or both, and I know that for them to have a baby would be a disaster. And often I know they are pregnant because they’ve been irresponsible. As their doctor, I believe abortion has to be available, because giving birth to these babies would devastate their lives . . . but I also know that it’s murder.”


Science is the ally of pro-lifers. Of that, there’s no doubt. But science can only take us so far.

It seems we spend so much of our time arguing like Marco Rubio did with CNN’s Chris Cuomo earlier this week about when life begins. Cuomo, a Catholic, argued that science had not yet decided when life begins, which Rubio pointed out was absurd. What science can’t tell us is whether we should care. That’s something we have to decide.

This physician quoted in Newsday is at least being intellectually honest if not morally horrifying.

But the more we attempt to secularize our culture the worse it’ll get because as long as we say that our religion is not permitted to be part of our national conversation then morality itself will not be permitted.

Love is the answer.