A new movie being made about one of the most famous Christians of the 20th century, an Olympic runner Eric Liddell, will reportedly ignore his Christianity.

You might remember Liddell’s story because of his refusal to run in the 1924 Olympics on a Sunday because of his Christianity. He didn’t run in the 100m on Sunday but instead ran in 400m and won gold. Pretty amazing story, right? Yeah, a movie was made about it called Chariots of Fire which focused on Liddell’s Christianity. It won like a gazillion Academy Awards.

But Liddell’s story only became more amazing later in life. Instead of becoming a professional athlete or returning to the Olympics, Liddell then went to China as a missionary and was captured by the invading Japanese army. While there, none other than Winston Churchill arranged a prisoner trade for Liddell. But when it came time to make the exchange, Liddell had a pregnant woman go free instead of him. He died in prison shortly after.

A movie, with backing from the Chinese government, will be made but guess which aspect of his life will reportedly be ignored? His Christianity.

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