This gets pretty confusing, I’m warning you. But this is the world we live in.

A man in a gay relationship donated sperm to a lesbian couple. Sounds like the beginning of a joke but it’s actually a sad story. A baby was born. The four of them were intent on each of the two couples being a part of the child’s life. So intent were they on making the child comfortable they each bought identical apartments and even decorated them the same. They then created a schedule, splitting the year into four quarters and each acted as a parent in turn.

As you might imagine, things went sideways. Their “experiment” didn’t work. (I don’t know why they thought babies are more attached babies grow more attached to their superficial surroundings rather than the people who love and provide for them. But I’m positive the decorators did awesome work.)

And now the courts will have to decide who the child belongs with. How to decide? One can feel for the judge in this case.

The NY Post reports the judge’s dismay:

“We walked into the courtroom, and the judge was reading the petition. I’ll never forget the look on the judge’s face,” Bender says. “She looked up and looked at the parties, and she looked at me and said: ‘Counsel, explain.’ ”

How does one decide? Does one go with biological ties? Does one go with who they think can raise the child best? Does the judge say that anyone who would attempt a stupid experiment like this and be surprised that it failed shouldn’t have a baby? Our courts are not set up for this craziness.

This is the world we created. Don’t worry. Judges will figure out the right thing to do. Don’t they always?

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