They’re already calling for a boycott. Soon, I’m sure there will be a court case. And they’re calling conservatives names. So pretty much what happens any time people act sane in this country anymore.

So the HERO ordinance went down yesterday. Good for Houston. Essentially, Houston’s lesbian mayor pushed an ordinance that would give special recourse to gays and transgender folks if they felt they were being discriminated against. This is the same mayor that wanted to commandeer the sermons of pastors to see if they were politicizing against her efforts.

The same mayor is accusing conservatives of hate and fear mongering. Blah blah blah.

But the ordinance had all sorts of crazy leftist pandering and all the conservatives did here was to point out accurately what could happen under this ordinance. Y’know, most political persuasion occurs on the edges of reason. We don’t typically talk about abortion, we talk about rape and incest exceptions or on the other side we talk about ninth month pregnancies. Half the conversations about gay marriage were about visitation rights at hospitals on one side and polygamy and incest on the other. Each side takes the others rhetoric to its logical extreme.

But when conservatives do it, it’s fear mongering and hate. The Campaign For Houston, which opposed the HERO ordinance, came out with an excellent tv spot.

Now, are you telling me this wouldn’t ever happen? You can’t. Eventually, it probably would. And more regularly, there would be a lot of women made to feel uncomfortable in restrooms as men sauntered in. Picture this, a guy walks into a women’s bathroom with his phone in his hand. The women there don’t know if he’s taking video or not. And what police officer is going to stop a man from walking into a girl’s bathroom, when that cop knows the city will not have his back if this guy screams he’s transgender. So then we’d have the government attempting to ascertain whether this guy actually believes he’s a girl on that day or he’s a perv. Isn’t the whole point of these kinds of bills to avoid the government saying who is a certain gender?

To be clear, I fully expect this to go back to the courts where the people’s decision will be overturned.
But for now, the HERO ordinance sought to make gender meaningless has failed. Houston clung to sanity instead.

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