Gays and lesbians petitioned the NFL to punish Houston for voting down the HERO ordinance by taking away the Super Bowl in 2017.

You might imagine this held great weight with the NFL because you know when you think of a typical football fan you think of LGBTQ activists, right?

The activists complained:

“Opponents of HERO ran a campaign that make the “Willie Horton” ads of 1988 look tame, and they won with it. The ads runs by opponents would not have been out of place in a Ugandan “kill-the-gays” campaign. The residents of Houston, in agreeing with these, have sent a clear message to transgender Houstonians that not only are they not wanted here, but that they should be afraid to be in public. They have falsely labeled an entire class of people child molesters, and their civil rights have been directly affected as a result. The NFL claims to respect the human dignity of all their fans. Even this fan of the Cowboys who has watched since Roger Staubach handed the reins to Danny White. The only way to remain ethically consistent, and show that respect, is to move the 2017 Super Bowl to a location where people like me are not put in mortal danger every time we need to use the bathroom.”

The NFL has thus far miraculously refused to move the Super Bowl.

They may have to come up with an alternate way to punish Houston.

HT Newsbusters