I thought we were told this never happens. Y’know, just like partial birth abortion never happens, sex selection abortions never happen either.

I love how the pro-aborts always fight something from becoming illegal even though they argue that it never happens. Then why fight so hard to keep it legal if it never happens?


The Telegraph:

A doctor who admitted that an abortion he was offering was tantamount to “female infanticide” has been struck off by a medical tribunal for three months.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service ruled that Dr Palaniappan Rajmohan lied about the reasons he carried out the termination.

“Despite you apparently believing that the request for a termination of pregnancy was being based on the gender of the foetus, you immediately volunteered to Ms A the alternative reason ‘too young for pregnancy’ and sought her agreement to this reason.”

The General Medical Council convened the disciplinary panel to rule on Dr Palaniappan Rajmohan’s fitness to practice after he was recorded by The Telegraph offering to arrange an abortion for a woman who said she wanted the procedure because the baby was a girl

Another doctor simply refused to hear her reasons but agreed to perform the abortion.

Could you imagine an American newspaper doing something like this?

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