I just received this troubling information in my email from Renew LMU, an organization committed to restoring Loyola Marymount University’s Catholic identity.

A faculty survey revealed that only 24% of LMU professors are Catholic. The percentage of Catholic faculty is set to decline even further because almost all of the most senior professors are Catholics. To learn more, see, “Is Loyola Marymount University Losing its Catholic Identity?” You can learn about a number of other recent developments, positive and negative, at renewlmu.com, and we also invite you to like us at facebook.com/RenewLMU.

Would you join us in calling for LMU’s new President to hire more Catholic faculty? If you’d like to help LMU to avoid entirely losing its Catholic identity, please circulate this letter among your friends and family. Point them to the petition that can be found at renewlmu.com and at facebook.com/RenewLMU.

24 percent!? That’s not good. At what point is it just not a Catholic university?

You can check out more info by clicking here.