Everyone’s talking about these primary results being “earth shattering” and even “revolutionary.” I’m sorry. I’m just not seeing it. The GOP seems set to nominate a liberal Republican who talks tough and will likely nominate liberal judges. And how is that different from the last two nominees?

And the Democrats seem set on nominating a socialist. Uhm, is there something I’m not seeing here? It doesn’t actually matter who wins the nomination in that respect as they’re both socialists. And oOr current president differs not one iota from anything Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton believes. The only different between Sanders and Clinton is she’s a little more careful about what she openly says. But at heart, the Democrat party is a European socialist party.

So the only thing revolutionary about Sanders and Trump is that they’re not pushed by the establishment party. But that’s not really “revolutionary” though. It’s a blow to the party but hardly revolutionary.

Seems to me the same ol’ same ol’.

*subhead*Same old.*subhead*