Pro-life students at Purdue University apologized for writing pro-life messages on the sidewalk including “Hands up, don’t abort” and “Womb=most dangerous place 4 black kids.” I don’t think they should have.

A few dozen students showed up to the pro-lifers’ meeting and staged a sit-in earlier this week, inspiring the apology. They also called the pro-life message racist and sexist.

JC Online:

“We came to put a face to the fact that you hurt a group of people,” said organizer Ashley Velázquez. “We realize that was not your intent but what we want is an apology and a retraction.”

About halfway through the hour-long meeting, leaders of the pro-life group, which surprised campus last Monday with a blitz flier and sidewalk chalk campaign, apologized for using black lives matter rhetoric such as “Hands up, don’t abort,” and language such as the “womb = most dangerous place 4 black kids, #blacklivesmatter.”

“We are going to stand behind the fact that we are against abortion and the death of an unborn child,” said Kevin Lasher, president of Purdue Students for Life. “We do recognize that we did hurt people and I think the issue lies in how we did (it) and how we got that word out. Our core beliefs remain unchanged. … (But) we are sorry for the way we put it out there.”

They shouldn’t be. Is their verbiage incendiary? Sure. I personally think that messaging is not the way to go but there’s nothing wrong with what they said. Human beings are being killed in the womb. Black babies are being killed in the womb at crazy high rates. It’s not wrong to point that out.

The sit-in was staged by some PhD student who said she was hurt by their rhetoric or some such 21st century American overindulged wimpiness. Well, truth hurts. Life can be painful. I don’t seem to remember the #blacklivesmatter groups apologizing for their anti-cop rhetoric.

These sit-in folks aren’t actually offended, they want silence. Anyone with a differing opinion on issues must be silenced. That’s the thing, everything is a trigger word for these folks. I’m not saying we should silence them. We should just ignore them.