The Supreme Court nomination is the fight to fight. If the GOP ever wanted to draw a line in the sand and fight a fight worth fighting, this is it. Honest to goodness, half the reason I support a presidential candidate is speculating about their nominees to the high court. So with the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, many are saying that President Obama will make a hard push to appoint a extremely liberal and very young justice to the court.

This must be stopped.

With so many important Supreme Court decisions recently being 5-4, this next appointment is crucial to the fate of life and religious liberty.

I predict that President Obama will pick a nominee and the media will portray them as a brilliant moderate. Pressure will build on Republicans to approve their nomination. The outcry will seem enormous with every newscast leading with the do-nothing Republicans preventing this wonderful candidate from their rightful place on the bench. If the nominee is a minority or a woman, expect that pressure to build exponentially.

And that’s when you can expect the knees of some of the GOP’s Senators to wobble. That thin line of perspiration will form on their lips. And their spines will become even more like Slinkies than they already were. And some Republicans seeking the approbation of the media and their cohorts will buckle.

There might even be talk of the president making a recess appointment to the high court. Mind you, this will all be playing out in an election year. It would be nice if Republican primary voters nominate a candidate who would not undercut efforts to block a nomination. So in the end, once again, Republican primary voters should be voting for president with an eye on the Supreme Court. Just like always.

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