All this talk of a so-called brokered convention may, I think, be enticing all the candidates -even those with zero chance of winning the nomination- to stay in the race all the way.

It appears that no candidate in the Republican field will reach the magic number (1,237) in order to secure the nomination.

Let’s face it, Kasich isn’t going to win the votes to win nationally but as the Governor of Ohio, a must-win state for any GOP ticket, he has a chip in the game at the convention. First, he must win his home state. If he does that, he might just stay in until the convention in the hopes of getting a veep nod.

And Rubio, who is the establishment favorite, probably sees a brokered convention as his big opportunity so he’ll stay in. Somehow, after he loses his home state of Florida, he’ll deliver a victory speech for his amazing second place finish and call for Ted Cruz to get out of the race.

Cruz is the guy who has very very very limited chances to win a brokered convention…mostly because everyone in the establishment hates his guts. So I think his only path to the nomination is if these other candidates bow out gracefully and their supporters get behind him as the anti-Trump candidate. But the promise of a so-called brokered convention might just keep them all in it and make a brokered convention a reality.