The Republican controlled House is holding hearings on Planned Parenthood so, of course, Dems are talking about the Salem Witch trials.

“I feel like I’m a time traveler to the Salem Witch Trials,” said Rep. Jackie Speier (D -Dumb). “Unfortunately, this time, those being burned at the stake are our scientists, who hold future medical breakthroughs in their hands. They are joined by brave women’s healthcare workers who are simply trying to care for their patients.”

Not giving millions to Planned Parenthood is now akin to burning people as witches? Huh?

And oh yeah, Joseph McCarthy was mentioned as well.

You’ve got to love these folks. They’ve got one playbook and just keep running the same play over and over. Sadly, for decades it worked. But if the GOP can just get out of their own way and get a Republican president then Planned Parenthood will likely be defunded.

I just wish some Republican would ask someone, “Are you or have your ever been an employee of Planned Parenthood?” Dems would completely lose it. It’d be kinda’ fun. What? I don’t get out much.