Yeah, that new show the Real O’Neals is about as unfunny and anti-Catholic as you probably expected. Can you believe it?

So, according to theNew York Post, there’s a picture of the Virgin Mary above the toilet and the Catholic mother serves Jesus shaped pancakes to her three very disturbed children. You see, that’s supposed to be funny.

And then you get the sidesplitting humor concerning one son’s bout with anorexia. Because nothing says funny like anorexia, right? Another son comes out as gay and the girl is stealing from the collection plate. Oh, and the parents are getting a divorce.

The Post called it a “witless collection of offensive anti-Catholic clichés” and says “if “The Real O’Neals” went to confession, a thousand Hail Marys wouldn’t be penance enough.”

Dan Savage, who serves as the show’s co-creator and whose life is an inspiration for the show has a looooooooong history of anti-Catholicism. According to The Catholic League, when Pope Benedict XVI announced his retirement, Savage wrote: “That Motherf***ing Power-Hungry, Self-Aggrandized Bigot In the Stupid F***ing Hat Announces His Retirement.”

I expect in a few weeks, I’ll be able to write “Very Confused, Talentless, Power-hungry, Self Aggrandizing bigot’s show in cancelled.”