My daughter asked me to proof read a Chemistry assignment and print it out while she went to bed. Glad to do it. So I read it and then translated it into English as best I could. (I’m kidding. Kinda’.)

So I hook up the computer to the old printer which I’m convinced works only because a colony of gerbils have infested it and using a chisel and ink, inscribe my children’s papers. So just as I press print the printer whirrs to life and I hear it printing. OK. I go watch the rest of “Better Call Saul” and when the next commercial comes on I hear the printer still printing. I walk out just as the last sheet of paper gets sucked in. I scramble for more paper but can’t find any.

And then I look at all the pages it’s already printed and I see about 18 pages of the same tyrannosaurus waiting to be colored in. Obviously, my son really wanted this printed out and thought that pressing “print” over and over would do it. I canceled 8 more documents pending which we’re all the same T-Rex.

So the good news is that we now have enough T-rex’s to wallpaper the boy’s room. The bad news is that I now have to run to Wal-Mart to pick up paper so I can print out my daughter’s Chemistry assignment.

I love my son but I really hate dinosaurs.