A law that ensures that people use only restrooms and locker room that match the gender on their birth certificate is being labeled “controversial” and being targeted by the media, the ACLU, the NFL, and the NBA.

All I can ask is how is this controversial?

Because of this law, the NBA which is reconsidering whether to have next year’s all-star game in Charlotte.

On top of that, governors of three states, New York, Washington, and Vermont, have mandated that many state employees not to travel to North Carolina on official business.

The media, in their coverage of the bill, seems unable to find anyone who supports the bill. He’s right.

North Carolina’s governor is calling it a nationwide smear campaign. And he’s right.

The thing is, the law says that you can have your birth certificate changed so if you’re really serious about doing it, you can. But this way, it protects women and children from creeps in public restrooms. And pardon me, I thought the safety of women and children was pretty important.

I guess it takes a backseat to the trans agenda. Sheesh, talk about war on women.

*subhead*War on women.*subhead*