Do you realize how bad an abortion clinic has to be to get their license suspended in a state with a Democrat governor? It’s like getting kicked out of a biker gang for being too rough or not shaving enough. It’s like being fired from being Miley Cyrus backup dancer for being too lewd.


Virginia has temporarily suspended the license of a Fairfax abortion clinic whose owner has a decades-long record of violations and criminal charges stemming from substandard care in multiple states.

The state Department of Health found 26 deficiencies at the Virginia Health Group on Arlington Boulevard during a two-day inspection this month and immediately suspended the clinic’s operating license.

Inspectors observed dirty equipment, expired medication in unlocked cabinets, lax storage of medical records and a failure of staff to sterilize and maintain medical equipment and follow hand-washing protocols, according to a 52-page report.

In one case, a patient had to be rushed to a local emergency room for prolonged bleeding after sutures were not available at the clinic, the report says. In another, a nurse used a plunger to unstop a toilet and then held a patient’s hand during a surgical procedure without changing scrubs, according to the report.

The clinic is registered to Steven Chase Brigham, according to state records. It is one of 14 facilities in Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey listed on the website of corporate parent American Women’s Services. Attempts to reach Brigham were unsuccessful.

Brigham has had his medical license temporarily suspended, relinquished or revoked or has faced criminal charges in several states, including New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida and California, according to public records.

Get this. This crumb bum had his license suspended in abortion kingdoms like New York and California. Seriously. Do you understand just how rusty your scalpels must be to make California say something, never mind do something? How many people have to be hospitalized?

Remember, legalizing abortion was supposed to bring it out of the back alley. But all they did was just make the entire country one big back alley.

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