Leftist leaning governments have been levying heavy fines and taxes on soda and cigarettes for people’s health.

Well, did you know:

Forty-one percent of transgendered individuals attempt to take their own life, according to the Weekly Standard. That’s more than 25 times the national average.

The average life expectancy of a transgendered individual is about 32 years of age, according to the blog Transwoman Times.

A survey found that 2.64 percent of trans people are infected with HIV — more than four times the national average rate, according to Live Science.

25 percent of the survey respondents to one study reported misusing drugs or alcohol, according to Live Science.

So why are we encouraging transgenderism?

If health and well-being for all was the goal of the left then they would be warning others away from this, not encouraging it.

But they argue that the high suicide rate and the low life-expectancy as well as the drug and alcohol abuse rate is not their fault but yours for not being acceptant towards them. So you see, you’re hurting people with your facts and figures. And they’re helping people by prizing their leftist agenda over the health and well-being of people.