So a possibly gay Muslim commits a terrible atrocity and now our elites are looking for someone to blame? Who to blame? Gays? Muslims? Nah. How ’bout Christians!?!


The New York Times, in an effort to slime Christians in the aftermath of Orlando, has discovered a Bible verse which orders Christians to kill gays.

Hey, maybe I haven’t read my Bible closely enough but that one comes as a bit of a shock.

The Federalist has the story and you should read the whole thing.

Then there’s what New York Times political reporter Jeremy W. Peters wrote for his piece “After Orlando, a Political Divide on Gay Rights Still Stands.” Peters is a reporter who struggles to cover issues fairly. He’s known for helping Nancy Pelosi avoid questioning on her abortion stance and other instances of being almost comically partisan in his reporting.

The article is less reportage than it is fuel for what it purports to describe:

The massacre, with stunning speed, has been transformed into a political wedge, beginning with fierce disagreements over just what the crime should be called. An attack by “radical Islamic terrorists,” as Republicans insisted? A hate crime in a place seen as a safe haven by gays, as many Democrats said?

Peters highlighted, among other things, the shameful Anderson-Cooper-avoidance theater.

And then this:

A Republican congressman read his colleagues a Bible verse from Romans that calls for the execution of gays.

Come again? Wait, what? What? What in the world is he talking about? A “Bible verse” from “Romans” that calls for the “execution of gays”? Way to bury the lede there, Peters. You found something that no one else has ever found in two millenia! Though maybe you should go ahead and show your exegesis if you’re going to make such an amazing claim.

You’ll have to read the piece to see how the Times substantiated this ludicrous slander. Although one funny thing Mollie Hemingway points out is that when our media elites were arguing for gay marriage they kept using the mantra that the Bible never said anything about homosexuality. You see, the sin of Sodom was all about rudeness or something.

But now, after the Orlando shooting, not only does the Bible have a lot to say about homosexuality, it actually says Christians should be killing gays.

Ours is a sleight of hand culture. A Muslim jihadist kills dozens in Florida. And what do we talk about? Christian homophobia and gun control. Makes sense, right?

About as much sense as a pro-life videographer who has proof that abortuaries are selling fetal body parts for profit and is arrested and brought up on charges for attempting to buy body parts which the government refuses to acknowledge were being sold in the first place.

Sleight of hand culture. You see, in every case, however, Christians lose. Y’know, if I didn’t know better, I’d say they weren’t playing fair.

Read the entire Federalist article. Well worth it.

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