Remember that scene in Say Anything when Lloyd Dobler is at the Gas and Sip with his guy friends right after he got broken up with in the Malibu and they’re all giving him women advice. He finally asks, “If you know so much about women why are you at a Gas ‘n’ Sip alone on a Saturday, with no women anywhere?

They pause and then they answer. “By choice, man. – It’s a conscious choice.”

Well Hillary is going full gas and sip here. Check out this hilarious headline from NBC News. “Hillary Clinton Gambles in Choosing Small Events Over Huge Rallies.” I clicked on the piece because I thought that there was no way it was going to say what I thought it was going to say.

It was saying exactly that.


…Hillary Clinton has committed to a campaign strategy that prioritizes the exact opposite.

While Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump consistently whip seas of fans into frenzies, Clinton often favors modest public appearances that rely heavily on policy and can seem almost intentionally boring.

Over the last year, in at least a dozen states, Clinton has dedicated hours and hours to events so small that members of the media often match or outnumber the attendees…

This is wholly intentional. Aides have characterized the tactic as one of the biggest “gambles” of the campaign and the closer she gets to clinching the Democratic nomination, the more vindicated they feel in taking this approach.

Smaller, more intimate events, aides argue, allow voters to see a different side of Clinton that doesn’t always come across in more traditional campaign settings.

Ha. What an absurdity. The media didn’t wonder if Hillary is intentionally keeping her campaign events small, where are the people they’re turning away. No?

This is the thing that drives me crazy. This piece by NBC News is essentially a press release. In short, it’s a lie. Some call it “spin.” But it’s important to note who’s being spun. It’s not the Clinton campaign attempting to “spin” the media. It’s the Clinton campaign and the media seeking to “spin” the people.

You know, for years I kinda’ just accepted Bernard Goldberg’s assessment of the media that they don’t even know they’re biased and that’s the problem. But I think we all know that’s not true. They know. There’s no way this story could be written and then get past a team of editors without it being on purpose. The media is in league with the Clinton campaign. By conscious choice.

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