The three R’s and jihad.

So when we pay for the UN we pay for the education of future terrorists. Perfect.

The New American:

Using funding from Western taxpayers, and Americans in particular, United Nations schools are teaching Arab children to glorify terrorism and wage constant war against their Jewish neighbors, according to a new film. In the explosive documentary released late last month by a pro-Israel watchdog group, schools run by the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) are even exposed offering military-style training to young children. That training, combined with a curriculum that teaches fervent hatred of Jews, is a recipe for disaster, the producer said, citing the recent wave of attacks. But now, U.S. lawmakers are speaking out, with media reports saying that legislation is being considered to yank funding from the UN-run schools.

The film, produced by the Center for Near East Policy Research, shows numerous young children proudly celebrating the murder of Jews and explaining what they learned in their UN schools. Children also appear on camera vowing to fight for the Islamic State, or ISIS, and calmly explaining how they hope to become suicide bombers someday. Others boast that, one day, they hope to stab, shoot, or run down Jews with cars. The new material, released on May 27, comes amid a fresh surge in terrorist attacks in Israel, with more than 2,200 attacks by Arabs on Jews since last September. Dozens of victims have been killed in the attacks, with close to 500 wounded.

Hey, I’ve got an idea. Let’s have the UN educate them and then we’ll bring them over here as refugees!