Religious freedom is under attack. Predictably, California is leading the charge.

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, in California, even churches are forced to pay for abortion. Currently, the left coast is attempting to pass legislation that will prohibit religious schools from making their own hiring and firing decisions (even though that right has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.) And finally, pro-life clinics in California are forced to promote abortion.

The bottom line is no one should ever be forced by the government to act in a way that they consider to be morally wrong.

Just like Buzzfeed can exercise its freedom of conscience by refusing to promote messages that support Donald Trump’s presidential campaign on their website, every American should have the freedom to live and operate their businesses according to their conscience.

(By the way, Buzzfeed has multiple offices in California. Here’s hoping the government is a little more friendly to their freedom of conscience than it has been to religious and pro-life organizations in the state lately.)

The only thing that can save this country is a massive re-conversion. That’s it. Otherwise, it’s over.

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