Tim Kaine flip flops yet again on abortion. In the space of 24 hours, Tim Kaine has both flipped and now flopped on abortion.

Tim Kaine has long supposedly been a supporter of the Hyde Amendment. Then he got picked to be Hillary’s running mate. Now, everything’s up in the air. One can not be the Democrat Party’s VP nominee if one is not fully on board with Big Abortion.

So just 24 hours ago, it was reported that Kaine agreed with Hillary to support a repeal of the Hyde Amendment which prevents federal money from going towards abortion. But now, get this, they’re trying to parse this even further saying that Kaine “is not personally for repeal of the Hyde Amendment” but will not stand in the way of Hillary’s proposal to kill the Hyde Amendment.

So what if it were a tie vote in the Senate, which way would he vote? Yeah, I think we all know the answer to that, right?

Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser said, “Sen. Kaine’s personal opposition to abortion and federal funding of abortion does nothing to relieve the majority of Americans who do not wish to pay for abortion on-demand through their taxpayer dollars. You cannot be ‘personally’ opposed to the destruction of innocent human life and take no action to stop it. Voters should not be fooled by Tim Kaine. There is no daylight between him and Hillary Clinton on this issue. They are absolute extremists pushing the Democratic Party further and further left on abortion, alienating the one-third of Democrats who call themselves pro-life.”

I love how they think this “personally opposed” thing fools us. They want your taxpayer money to go for abortion. That’s it. They want to funnel even more millions towards their buddies in Planned Parenthood so that they can fund their very personal campaign coffers. That’s the only “personal” thing they care about.

Maybe Republicans should try saying that they’re personally for feeding the poor but don’t think government should force people to feed the poor. Or maybe that they’re personally for the environment but don’t want to force people to continue funding an out-of-control EPA. I’m pretty sure, libs would screech that “THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED!!!!!”

But here’s the thing. The unborn are human. The science is actually settled on that. But Democrats don’t seem to care about that, do they?