My honest assessment is that Trump has a very uphill battle ahead. This is for many reasons, but I think it boils down to this. Because Trump is who he is, for good or ill, he is unlikely to sway voters not already in his camp, those for whom he is acceptable..

His path to victory is not issues, his path to victory is to make Hillary more unacceptable than himself. Therein lies the problem. Trump’s constitutionally incapable of long stints without self-inflicted wounds, the kind that remind people why he is unacceptable. And Hillary, who is a horrible terrible candidate, (Did I say horrible?) has lied to the American public and everyone knows she is guilty as sin of the Benghazi coverup and the email scandal, they KNOW this and she is still ahead!! This is no small problem.

My honest assessment is that unless Hillary completely implodes during the debates (possible, but unlikely) or some other horrific evidence emerges of I dunno what, I don’t think Trump can make her more unacceptable. And at this point there is little reason to think he can make himself more acceptable to those who do not already view him that way. So what is his path? I don’t see it.

It is true I am not a Trump fan, but this has been my analysis from the get and I have expressed it numerous times and at this stage I see no evidence to make me adjust it. If the GOP had nominated somebody the country would find acceptable, even if they didn’t like them that much, I think they would have found victory much easier. But they nominated a guy with a self-imposed cap against the weakest Democrat nominee in generations.

*subhead*Uphill battle for Trump.*subhead*