NPR is closing down its comments section on its website. So it seems that NPR believes they have a right to your money but you don’t have a right to express your opinion about it. #mustbenice #justlikeplannedparenthood


NPR is making an announcement today that is sure to upset a loyal core of its audience, those who comment online at (including those who comment on this blog). As of Aug. 23, online comments, a feature of the site since 2008, will be disabled.

With the change, NPR joins a long list of other news organizations choosing to move conversations about its journalism off its own site and instead rely on social media to pick up the slack. But NPR stands for National Public Radio, so a decision to limit “public” input at seems especially jarring.

The decision should not be taken to mean that NPR does not value audience engagement, said Scott Montgomery, managing editor for digital news

Noooo. Where would you get that idea? Just because I’m shutting you up doesn’t mean you can’t talk. It just means I want you to go somewhere else to speak so I don’t have to hear you. Ever.