If I am wrong and Trump pulls off a miracle tomorrow, I will happily take all the crap you can deal out with a smile on my face, breathe a sigh of relief, and then prepare to battle the Trump/GOP when they go astray.

If I am right, please know that I didn’t want to be. Not during the primaries when I warned against this and not now.

Then I will try to convince everyone I am able, as I have in the past, that nothing will change until the GOP (or a new party) completely commits itself to the concepts of limited government of narrowly defined powers and renewed federalism imposing much stricter restraint on the feds through the amendment process, and the foundational principle of subsidiarity in gummint, all all with Christ as our King. Without these things, its is more of the same at various paces.

*subhead*Here On The Eve (Of Destruction?)*subhead*