Planned Parenthood has gone to great lengths over the years to convince everyone that abortion is just a miniscule part of what they do. Three teeny tiny percents!!!

It’s being reported now that Republicans plan to introduce a bill shortly after Trump’s inauguration that would eliminate federal funding to Planned Parenthood. This is not a surprise as it’s been something pro-lifers have been advocating for years. A Trump administration also would presumably not stand in the way of state’s cutting funding to the abortion giant either, as the Obama administration repeatedly has done. Funds that previously went to Planned Parenthood would reportedly be reallocated towards health clinics that don’t perform abortions.

The Washington Post reports that “federal dollars to Planned Parenthood…make up more than 40 percent of its budget.” Losing that would obviously cause Planned Parenthood to close many clinics, something they say would harm a great deal of women.

This makes me wonder, if abortion is such a miniscule part (just 3 percent!!!) of what Planned Parenthood does and they are at risk of losing half a billion dollars a year over it, why wouldn’t they just stop performing abortions? Hmmmm?

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