Alumni group: Notre Dame should reconsider who it honors, stop choosing ‘prestige over truth’ 

The Sycamore Trust, an organization committed to preserving the University of Notre Dame’s Catholic identity, is urging the university to reconsider who it chooses to honor in light of news that Notre Dame President Father John Jenkins has expressed indecision as to whether he will invite President Donald Trump to campus. The university honored both President Obama in 2009 and Vice President Joe Biden just last year despite their support for abortion and amid protests from Catholics who follow Church teaching on the sacredness of human life.
“Notre Dame would do well to consider reserving its honors for people that deserve them on grounds other than their offices,” they wrote in their latest bulletin. “The reason Notre Dame has been profligate in honoring holders of high office (at least in Obama’s and Biden’s cases) seems plainly to be a yearning for bragging rights. That might be innocent enough, if fanciful and scarcely lofty, but not when, as in Obama’s case, carried to the point of choosing ‘prestige over truth,’ in Bishop D’Arcy’s words.”

This would be advice well heeded by all Catholic institutions.

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