I like the term “Godless Gestapo.” It works. Thanks to PJ Media for that one.

This case is a hoot. And you can see how tolerant these clowns actually are. They don’t want diversity. That demand conformity. This reminds me of whenever my little one wants something her older brother has, she immediately tells on him for not sharing.

University of Mississippi football coach Hal Freeze is a pretty serious Christian. And he tweets about his faith frequently. Nothing controversial. Nothing you wouldn’t see on an inspirational “get well” card from a religious store. But he dared mention God in public so the Freedom from Religion Foundation objected, sending angry missives to the university, demanding that they force the coach to cease and desist from speaking of his faith.

FFRF asks that the University of Mississippi take immediate action to ensure that Coach Freeze, Coach Harris, and the rest of the University’s athletic department are made aware that they cannot promote religion while acting as University employees. This prohibition on religious endorsement extends to social media messages. If Coach Freeze and Coach Harris elect to promote religion on personal social media accounts, their messages may not be published on the official Ole Miss sports website. Please inform us in writing of the steps taken to protect the right of conscience of the University’s minority religious and nonreligious students.

Last time I checked, the University of Mississippi isn’t accountable to the Freedom From Religion Foundation. And I’m sure the coaches are just shaking in their boots spring practice cleats.
But seriously, lest you worry too much about Hugh Freeze, at least one advocacy law firm has his back. The First Liberty Institute spoke out about the matter to the Christian Post:

“Football coaches do not lose their First Amendment rights simply because they work for a public university,” First Liberty senior counsel Jeremy Dys told The Christian Post in a statement. “The First Amendment protects the right of Americans like Coach Freeze to engage in religious expression on their personal Twitter accounts. And our universities ought be places where tolerance, inclusivity, and diversity are promoted. The FFRF has resorted to intolerant bullying in an attempt to silence and censor Coach Freeze. At First Liberty Institute, we defend religious freedom for all Americans.

“We encourage the University of Mississippi to ignore the FFRF’s letter.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation can issue all the sternly worded memos it wants, but I seriously doubt Coaches Hugh Freeze and Maurice Harris are going to allow themselves to be intimidated. These atheist killjoys claim to act in the name of tolerance, but they invoke tyranny in their attempts to silence the truth — and they often wind up emboldening believers instead.

Just another example of totalitolerance in action folks. These people will stop at nothing.