Andrew Doran, who formerly worked in the U.S. State Department, and now serves as the vice president and senior policy advisor for the human rights advocacy organization In Defence of Christians, seems to think that pretty much no matter what President trump does, religious liberty for Christians is going to continue to be under attack -both worldwide and in the U.S..

The Christian Post:

“On the religious freedom front, we are getting our clock cleaned. This may be a brief interregnum here but I think religious freedom is not doing well worldwide,” Doran said. “The United States is not leading in religious freedom. It’s not doing well domestically. I don’t know that any program at State [Department] is going to change this. I mean, this is something that is deeply rooted in the public culture, in academia.”

Doran explained that for decades, the foreign policy establishment has viewed institutional Christianity as an “oppressor” class. Doran added that this establishment view has “extended to Middle East Christians, which we see all the time dealing with people in the foreign policy establishment who really hold Middle East Christians in very low regard.”
“It is a perpetual challenge and it is deeply disconcerting,” Doran said, adding that IDC and other groups’ efforts to get the U.S. government and Congress to recognize that the Islamic State is perpetrating genocide against Yazidis and Christians in northern Iraq last year was a “much heavier lift than it probably ought to have been.”

“I think [this] is another example of a sort-of institutional bias perhaps against Christians,” Doran said. “At its most benign and its most innocuous, viewed most favorably to the foreign policy establishment, I think you could say that is an inclination not to appear to be biasd in favor of Christians. But I am skeptical of that for a variety of reasons.”

One of the reasons Doran suggested is that “the foreign policy machinery” is being run by people who most likely don’t share the values of the average Christian or citizens concerned with religious liberty at home and across the globe.

“Here again, we are back to the problem of the governing and the governed being on different paths, but there is very often a very open hostility to Christianity, to traditional values and even to religious freedom,” Doran asserted. “I’m thinking now to conversations I have had at the State Department where people in the International Religious Freedom Office were referred to as, ‘Oh, those whack jobs,’ which is somewhat astounding for public servants.”

Is it really astounding? Seems to me that getting a government job is like getting tenure. You can say or do pretty much whatever you want as long as you’re on the left.

Here’s the interesting thing. These folks see Christians as the “oppressors” yet they’re the ones in power. And they’re going to remind us of this every chance they get. Every. Single. One.