I love how people of the left can not only hold absolutely mutually exclusive ideas in their heads at the same time but promulgate these ideas to an audience who cheers and applauds without thinking.

PJ Media:

All of the ladies on The View, even conservative Jedediah Bila, seem to think that everyone’s a little pansexual. Bila said, “I’m attracted to a male body, but I don’t know. Maybe I might meet somebody that might change the way I feel about — I don’t know. It could happen. Anything could happen. So I understand the concept of fluidity because people change.” Should we all just move away from sexual orientation labels and consider everyone as fluid?

Wait, if sexuality if fluid, then how are gays BORN THAT WAY?

I’m serious. So much of the argument about gay marriage was that gays are born that way and there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it so how can you discriminate against them? But that was sooooooo 2012. They won the marriage battle so now they’re on to a new battle. And the whole “born that way” mantra doesn’t work so now it’s that we’re all kinda’ two martinis away from joining the cast of Will and Grace.