America Magazine is wondering “Why is the ACLU Targeting Catholic Hospitals?” Uhm, because they’re an ideological organization closely aligned with the progressive movement that seeks the destruction of the Catholic Church silly.

The piece is actually pretty good and worth a read. It’s nice to see the war on Catholics bringing me to the point where I’m nodding my head about something Carol Keehan said.

The ACLU, along with their cohorts in the media, have been attacking the Church’s involvement in hospitals because the Church is pro-life. So even though Catholic hospitals help poor neighborhoods which are underserved by others, they must be stamped out because they don’t offer abortions. Because abortion is more abortion than helping the poor. This makes perfect sense to those on the left. See President Obama’s willingness to cut Medicaid payments to states which refused to fund Planned Parenthood.

I’ll snippet a bit and then you might want to go read it.

The campaign against these health care institutions has high stakes not just for the church but also for underserved communities. If the A.C.L.U. is successful in pressing one or more of its suits, “it very may well drive Catholic hospitals out of providing medical care,” Kevin Theriot, senior counsel and vice president at the public interest law firm Alliance Defending Freedom, said.

Given that Catholic hospitals are the major source of care for people in at least those 46 communities cited by MergerWatch (and, in practice, for many more people than that), the results could be profound.
“One of the things about Catholic hospitals is they tend to have a mission to help the poor—the preferential option, so to speak—and it’s not an accident that a lot of urban hospitals happen to be Catholic,” Eric Rassbach, an attorney with the public interest firm Becket Law, said. “One of the main groups that would be impacted by having Catholic hospitals shoved out of health care in this country would be poor people.”
“The Catholic Church has done so much to care for men, women, and children of all ages, from all walks of life,” said Dr. Marguerite Duane, a family physician and adjunct associate professor at Georgetown University. “So this idea that we’re only there to care for the unborn is a misnomer. We’re there to care for every human being. And by proceeding with these lawsuits and trying to take down these hospitals—to basically sacrifice them to the god of abortion—there will be so many women that will suffer and children that will suffer, needlessly, because Catholic institutions are not there to serve them.”

Read the whole thing here. Good piece.