Let’s take a moment to celebrate a religious liberty victory. It doesn’t happen often so let’s cherish it.

In the most unexpected news of the day, the state of Wisconsin cannot legally force Christian photographer Amy Lynn to photograph same-sex weddings, a court has said.

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Jonathan Scruggs said, “The court’s announcement has important implications for everyone in Wisconsin who values artistic freedom. It means that government officials must allow creative professionals without storefronts anywhere in the city and state the freedom to make their own decisions about which ideas they will use their artistic expression to promote. The court found—and the city and state have now agreed—that such professionals cannot be punished under public accommodation laws for exercising their artistic freedom because those laws simply don’t apply to them. No one should be threatened with punishment for having views that the government doesn’t favor.”

“Amy is happy to take photographs of anyone; she simply objects to being forced to participate in events, or promote messages or causes, that she can’t support,” Scruggs said in another statement. “Photography and writing are quintessential examples of protected artistic expression and free speech.”

OK. Time to pack up and move to Wisconsin. Oh wait, I’m sure the Supreme Court will have a thing to say about religious freedom. Go Gorsuch! (And I’ve got my eye on you Justice Roberts!)