Absolutely nothing.

I’m tempted to leave the post at that but I’ll explain my thoughts briefly. I’m already tired of the hand wringing from some on the right and the wild accusations from some on the left about what the racist’s attack in Charlottesville says about conservatives.

But this attack gives us no new information. Did we know there were racists in our country? Of course we did. Did we know that some people are capable of terrible sin? Yup. Did we know that filling your mind with hate will likely lead you to perform a hateful act? Yup.

So as much as the media and some pundits are saying that this is the time for conservatives to accept blame for white nationalists. So because I’m pro-life and believe in limited government I’m somehow riding shotgun in this lunatic’s seat? No. In fact, screw you for saying so.

So all the violence done in the name of Islam doesn’t reflect on Islam at all but one violent racist in a car is indicative of all conservatives?

This is actually the politicization of tragedy. This is political one-upmanship. It’s sad. And kinda’ sick.