Secularists don’t much like Christmas. That’s understood. Secularists secularize. Not a tough concept. So when they attack Christmas we get it. But when we get those who are celebrating Christmas working against Christmas, that’s like an enemy behind the lines. That’s sort of a bigger problem.

The NY Times reports that many who celebrate Christmas don’t see it as a religious holiday. What the what?! Sooooo…the birth of Christ isn’t a religious holiday?

In 2017, 55 percent of Americans said they celebrated Christmas as a religious holiday, including 46 percent who saw it primarily as a religious holiday and 9 percent who said it was both religious and cultural. Thirty-three percent celebrated it as primarily a cultural holiday, the study said.

We all get it. It’s why I’ve long said that Hallmark is the devil’s network. The devil, I say. And I watch it! You’ve got to admit that formulaic plotting and ok acting is addictive. That’s why it’s eeeeeevil. Here’s my thinking. The Playboy channel is something I’d have to pay for. I don’t. Hallmark is pretty much part of your basic cable package. And now they’ve got two channels (presumably because the devil has two horns.)

And Hallmark is all about Christmas. But not Christmas. It’s all about a winter holiday that kinda’ looks a little like Christmas but no nativity scenes and very very few mentions of baby Jesus at all. They do have Candace Cameron Bure which helps but still…I say next year they should have a special starring Candace Cameron Bure and Tim Tebow. Dude, talk about a ratings boom! I’m just spitballin’ ideas here folks.

Anyway, in short, Hallmark=Satan’s network of sin and filth. It’s corrosive, not because it’s sin and filth, you see. It’s corrosive because it’s Christmas without Christ. And that eventually leads you to sin and filth. Today it’s the Hallmark channel. Tomorrow it’s the Playboy channel. By next year you’ll be watching snuff films on the dark web.

*subhead*Devil’s channel.*subhead*