Yup. This headline says it all, doesn’t it? “Same-sex marriage welcomed by Catholic priest, hopes to officiate weddings on Tiwi Islands.”


If the Catholic Church would allow it, Father Pat Mara would love to marry a same-sex couple.

“I know a lot of people who have same-sex attraction and I see just the goodness in their heart, the honesty and their desire to have equality,” he said…

Father Mara said gay marriage in the Catholic Church could one day become a reality, but perhaps not in his lifetime.

“Things are always shifting in the Church, and since we’ve had Pope Francis a lot of other things have shifted,” he said.

“In terms of same-sex marriage, I don’t think so, not in my lifetime.

“But the only thing that doesn’t change is change, so anything can happen in the future.”

Because Catholics aren’t confused enough nowadays. Terrible.

If the Church becomes exactly like the world, what will the world need the Church for?