Y’know, I’m starting to think this little dictator guy might be a bit of a jerk. Now he’s going full on Burgermeister Meisterburger.


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has upped the ante in his war on Christmas with a new rule that prohibits any “gatherings that involve alcohol and singing.”…

While Christmas is not typically a major holiday in North Korea, some of its citizens have been known to practice Christianity and observe the holy day in the past.

Kim Jong Un officially banned that practice last year, instead directing all citizens who would have celebrated the holiday to instead commemorate the December 24,1919 — the birthdate of the leader’s grandmother instead.

Kim has made attempts to stop Christmas from spilling over the nation’s border in the past as well.

For years, South Korea erected a 30-foot tall tree of lights on a hill near the infamous demilitarized zone that could be seen from North Korea.
Several years ago, North Korea reportedly said that lighting the tree would result in “unexpected consequences.”

God bless all those brave Christians in hiding.

While South Koreans are free to celebrate Christmas, that’s no guarantee that they’re celebrating it in a faithful holy way. Here’s video of a Christmas tree lighting in Seoul to the yuletide favorite “It’s raining men.” Cause that makes sense.

The first fifteen seconds are botched up but it kicks in. It’s worth a laugh. Or a cry.

*subhead*Raining men.*subhead*