So I’m sure we’ve all seen the grisly numbers. 320,000 abortions performed in 2016 and $543.7 million in government payments.

That’s pretty horrifying and probably gives you that “the good guys are losing” feeling in your stomach. But the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) spelunked into the numbers and found some things which might be considered encouraging.

“Despite reporting more than 320,000 abortions and $1.46 billion in income, Planned Parenthood has seen large declines in non-abortion services, massive losses of clientele, and rapid facility closures in recent years,” SBA List reported.

According to the SBA List, the last five years of data from Planned Parenthood’s own annual reports incclude:

Total services are down nearly 13%.
Prenatal care has dropped by more than 60%.
Total cancer screening and prevention services have dropped by more than 41%, including declines of approximately 39% for breast exams and 43% for pap tests.
Contraceptive services are down nearly 28%.
Abortions have remained stable. Planned Parenthood performed 321,384 abortions in 2016-2017 and has performed more than 1.6 million abortions in the past five years.
Planned Parenthood performed approximately 126 abortions (1,628,550) for every adoption referral (12,879) over that same period.
Unique patients have dropped by 600,000 – a 20% decline.
Approximately 100 (14%) of Planned Parenthood facilities have closed their doors, despite record income.

“Planned Parenthood’s business model is sinking faster than the Titanic,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Despite record income, non-abortion services are in decline, clients are abandoning them in droves, and dozens of facilities have closed. Meanwhile, abortions are holding steady at over 320,000 a year.”

On top of that, they remind us of the federal investigation for its role in harvesting and selling baby body parts.

It seems to me that Planned Parenthood has never needed all this government funding it receives more with fewer clients and a federal investigation kicking off.

“Enough is enough,” said Dannenfelser. “Community health centers vastly outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide and offer comprehensive primary and preventative care for women and families. Congress must follow through on the promise to redirect tax dollars away from Planned Parenthood without further delay.”

There’s every reason to move on this fast. Like now. Because if the Democrats gain power in 2018, they’ll do everything they can to derail any investigation into the abortion giant.