One should always be wary of disagreeing with Chuck Norris. Always. But especially when he’s speaking truth.

The famous actor and martial artist recently urged parents to consider sending their children to more conservative colleges, including the faithful Christendom College of Front Royal, Virginia. He warned parents that many universities have “become little more than leftist indoctrination camps where too many professors are simply peddling progressive ideologies packaged under the guise of education, and shutting and keeping out anything that would challenge them.”

Most universities, Norris warned, are a “one-sided educational environment” with “restrictive speech codes, bias against conservative students and propagandizing for radical causes and lifestyles.”

Truth isn’t something that is especially prized nowadays, especially at colleges and universities. And we have not only allowed this but we’ve funded it. Instead of teaching our children our faith, we allow them to be shaped by the culture.

Why do we continue to do this? It’s almost axiomatic that Christians and pro-lifers will one day emerge victorious in the culture war simply because they tend to have more children than secularists and atheists. But in the end, it’s not true. As long as Christians continue sending their children to secularist and atheist indoctrination camps they will lose. So why do we continue to do this? To not make waves? To be nice and polite? We want to be Christians but only of the inoffensive variety?

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