When the massacre of over a hundred Christians at the hands of Muslim militants in Nigeria received little coverage as compared to the massacre in New Zealand, it begs the question whether the media ignored it because the victims were black or they were Christian?

I’m not arguing that the NZ massacre isn’t deserving of our interest because it is. But it must leave us wondering why some murders are less worthy of attention. It seems to me that the epidemic of violence against Christians across the globe has gone virtually unnoticed.

What does it say about us when we deem some hate as being unremarkable. Some hate is accepted?

In the end, it comes down to what crimes can be used to advance an agenda. When Christians are killed, it’s ignored because it doesn’t fit the agenda that they’re promoting which is essentially that Islamophobia is a scourge and guns are bad. Christians as victims doesn’t fit the narrative. And we know that the narrative is more important than truth.

And if it doesn’t fit the narrative, it’s ignored. Can you imagine a world where this image isn’t known by all. Well, you’re living in that world.