After Kermit Gosnell was arrested, the city of Philadelphia took possession of the remains of 47 babies. They were evidence. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia, under the leadership of Archbishop Chaput, requested to take care of the remains by honoring the born and unborn victims of Gosnell with a funeral and burial.

The city on its website states clearly that anyone can claim remains. The city obviously doesn’t want to take on the cost of cremation and burial. But in this case the city refused to allow the church to take custody of the remains.


What were they seeking to avoid?

They feared that they would hold a funeral. Mourning the unborn was not something they could endure. 

Why? Why? Because they feared the unborn being humanized, mourned. That, they couldn’t have. 

To be clear, the city of Philadelphia allowed this madman Gosnell to operate his disgraceful business for decades but a public mourning of his victims must be avoided at all costs. The media didn’t make this a big story. They avoided it as well. Ignored it.

So, the city without any notice cremated Gosnell’s victims and buried them at Laurel Hill cemetery. Afterwards, a number of pro-lifers attempted a small memorial service. Guess what the Inquirer’s headline was: “Bugs swarm memorial service for ‘Gosnell babies.’ Yup, the bugs got higher billing than the babies. The bugs.

Their awful reaction had me considering this. The pro-abortion community desires. nothing more than to keep abortion and its victims secret. Ironic that one of the main reasons we needed to legalize abortion was to drag it out of the back alley and into the light where it’s safe. Because, you know, Gosnell was all about safety and light, right? 

“American Antigone” is based on the ancient play “Antigone” which tells the story of a young woman, Odeipus’ daughter, who attempts to bury the body of her brother, an action the King has forbidden under penalty of death. So I’ve updated the story. The story is about a young woman who attempts to honor the remains of her unborn brother and the media firestorm that ensues. Politicians get involved and a number of young violent protesters swarm. It forces everyone to question about what to do when the laws of man conflict with God’s law. 

Because there’s nothing our culture can stand less than a young Christian woman standing up for life. Ask Amy Coney Barrett. 

Matt Archbold is the author of “American Antigone. You can purchase it at Amazon in paperback or Kindle.