I had an ad running on Facebook for my pro-life novel “American Antigone” but Facebook just killed it. Yup. Killed it.

The ad was simply a picture of my book and the text, which read;

“I believe God created the world as an act of love, and we should respect creation as a gift. All creation. I was born to join in love, not hate. That’s my nature. Our nature. And no matter what law is passed by man, we must answer to a higher law.”

And Facebook “rejected” it. It ran for almost two days and then…rejected.

Here’s what they said:

We require people to complete an ID confirmation to run ads about social issues, elections or politics.
Your ad may have been rejected if it mentions politicians, topics that could influence the outcome of an election, or existing or proposed legislation.
Learn more about social issue, electoral or political ads in the context of coronavirus (COVID-19).
I’ll be fighting this. This is insanity. This is a novel, you nut jobs. Yes, the book mentions politicians and elections. Fake ones. It’s a novel!!! And are we really not allowed to discuss social issues because of an election? 
Something tells me that if my book were a pro-choice novel, I would not be running into this trouble.