So here’s this news article from The Guardian, saying that four infants died because Adelaide Australia doesn’t have pediatric cardiac surgery available. The entire story is about “a lack of cardiac surgery facilities.” The entire thing.

A lack of cardiac surgery facilities may have contributed to the deaths of four babies at Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s hospital over the past month, a South Australian parliamentary committee has been told, prompting calls for an inquiry.

The obstetrician John Svigos told the committee on Tuesday that Adelaidewas the only mainland capital where paediatric cardiac surgery was not available, which meant critically ill infants and children had to be transferred interstate.

So, it’s all about how the government must do more!!! Well, let’s just say that’s not the whole story. It’s not surprising that the corrupt news media doesn’t want to share the real news with you, because you can’t be trusted with actual information. You must be managed. You can’t be trusted with facts. They’ll just feed you the narrative.

The rest of the story is that yes, Adelaide doesn’t have pediatric cardiac surgery available but then the question must be asked, why aren’t there pediatric deaths all the time? Why are the babies dying right now an anomaly? 

Covid-19 Lockdowns.

Normally, these babies would be transferred to a hospital in the city of Melbourne which would perform life saving surgery. But this option didn’t happen because Covid-19 lockdowns didn’t allow patients to be transferred into the city of Melbourne.

Australia has gone full Nazi when it comes to the lockdown. Like Whitmer level on steroids. Those in charge keep assuring us that those these lockdowns are for our own health, our own good. But the politicians and their media partners simply look past the consequences of their lockdowns. Closed businesses, ruined lives, lost wages, skyrocketing stress, rising number of addictions, child abuse, marital strain.

If you so much as mention those, you’re anti-science. 

The families of these four children are devestated. This is not something that goes away. This is a forever pain. 

Yes, there are many victims of Covid. But there are also many victims of the lockdown. These should be remembered. And the lives of those who do not have Covid should be taken into account when dreaming up plans to handle Covid. 

Maybe the deaths of these four children will wake the world up to the dangers of these lockdowns. But what am I talking about, when did the death of babies ever have any impact whatsoever on the power hungry pursuits of politicians?